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Status: At home and ok
Projects: Sewing Mituna's costume, Blackeyed and some Mass effect Drabbles.
Current Games: Mass effect 3
Music of the moment: Shout out out out:- Bad choices
Hello my name is Paris Valentine, you can find out more about me by clicking about my blog.
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I ship Makaras X Captors a heck of a lot, just as a small warning to any and everyone out there. I can RP all six of them too! (Mituna,Psii,Gamzee,Kurloz,Sollux,Ghb in order of most to least preferable.) I have THE BEST Ghb rper in the world in the form of my moirail however. I am truly blessed <>
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Gneiss by *xChrononautx

EDIT: the talksprite wasn’t done by me!

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    ….. I am culturally inexperienced.
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    ((ooc: It most certainly is~ heheheh
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    *whispers in your ear* its an ushanka
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    Another troll with a helmet. I like it. Brokki should meet him.